Chris Cappell College is a community of dedicated educators and community-oriented educationalists who believe in the search for truth that leads to WISDOM. It aims to become a leading institute that values innovation, high quality service, and professionalism at every level serving the people by working together in faith towards the holistic development of the person, responsive to the needs of the region and country.


Chris Cappell College commits herself to provide education, by sharing her human and material resources primarily with the economically disadvantaged but deserving rural youth. The general well-being of these youth is the end of her curricular programs to enable them to live fully a quality life as children of the loving Father.


Produce young citizens who are God-loving, law- abiding, environment-friendly, and morally principled, well-rounded professionals who by their able response to the call of duty, actively participate in positive transformation of the communities


We, the sons of the Prophet Elijah, belong to the prophetic school. The concept of the relationship of school, master and disciple are thus a unique characteristic of Carmel in the whole of biblical history. The order of Carmel has imbibed this Elijan tradition and continues to be one of the best school of spirituality and learning at the heart of the Church and in every local context.

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