Model answer #3

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of North Bay Town and I am writing in connection with the sale of an antique clock.

I have been searching on the internet for a long period for the aforementioned purpose. It was last week my friend recommended me your shop, and from then, I was thinking of dropping the enquiry at your shop.

It is a heirloom pendulum type clock made by Germany in1800. Its silver coating, enamel inlays and delicate inner-workings make it look a royal item. The rare stones which are glued to its outer border reflect light, and this gives a special look for it.

I understand antique products always add value as more years pass. However, at present, I have some financial crisis. I have around $20,000 debt in the City bank, and I think this can be levelled by the sale of the clock.

I look forward your prompt response if you find the offer interesting.

Yours faithfully,


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