Model answer# 6

Dear Karan,

It was indeed a great pleasure to visit you. I felt quite excited to meet you after several years and I will never forget the moments we have spent together after a long; it was just like the old days! I am writing to thank you and invite you to my place.

The way you treated me during my visit is really appreciable – I can never be a great host like you. I cherished every single day of my holidays. When we went to the ‘Wonderland’, I was simply mesmerised and those are unforgettable moments. We enjoyed everything there as if we were in our school days. I still remember the way you were afraid of water when you were a teenager, I guess you still are!

It would be a great pleasure to invite you to my home for my birthday next month. We will go to the nearby hill station and have great fun there. I will expect you to be with me at that time. Please try to make it.

Warm wishes,