Model answer# 10

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter with regard to the upcoming aerodrome construction project near Vijay Nagar area to raise concerns and suggest a viable alternate.

I have been residing in Vijay Nagar for the last 20 years. And when I read about the aerodrome construction project near my area in the recent Town and Planning survey report, I have been concerned about the public inconvenience.

I would like to bring this to your notice that setting up an airport in this area will cause huge inconvenience to the inhabitant. To start with, there are existing traffic congestion issues in this area, additional traffic to and from the airport would worsen the situation. Additionally, the high-intensity sound of aircraft would hinder pupils studying in the educational institutes in the vicinity. Moreover, a significant number of residents are senior citizens, their sleep and in turn, health will be affected due to the air traffic at night.

An alternate location near the Radha Nagar area towards the Northern suburb of the city would be the best substitute. This would not only help diversify city development but also be beneficial to the business establishments of nearby industrial areas.

I’m looking forward to your reply at the earliest convenience.

Yours faithfully,