Model answer# 12

Dear Mr. Sanders,

My name is Dave and I’m your tenant at the Sunny Villa apartment complex. I’ve been living here for the last two years in apartment 52 in Block C, one of the apartments overlooking the main street.

I’m writing because I have some complaints about recent noise levels. It has always been a noisy area but is getting worse because of renovation construction in the apartment above me and new neighbours next to me. The construction has been going on for a couple of months and they are inconsiderate about early mornings when I’m usually still sleeping. The neighbours that just moved in next to me a month ago are also in the habit of hosting loud parties every Saturday night.

I’d like you to talk to the building management to see how long the remodelling will be going on for and if they can stick to more regular and decent working hours. As for the adjacent neighbours, I’ve already spoken with them to no avail so I’d recommend you also mention this to the management for them to deal with it.

Thanks for helping out,