Model answer# 15

Dear Alex,

How are you? I am guaranteed that you are excited to move to your new home. Also, I can understand your anxiety about leaving everything behind and switching to a new place. But don’t worry I would be there with you to give a hand.

As you know, this weekend my parents will go to my native place for a family function. Therefore, I am available to help you with all the chores right from packaging all your belongings from the old house to set everything to a new place.

I have seen an informative video about effective ways of packing. It succinctly explains the ways to pack the stuff along with categorizing them, so that it would be easy to unpack it as per necessity. Therefore, by following those tips I could help you in packaging. Nevertheless, we would need some help with transportation.

By the way, does your home have a garden? Considering your affection for flowers and bushes I was thinking of gifting you a beautiful, albeit a small rose-bush.

I would come to your place on Saturday at or around 9 AM. Call me if there are any changes to the plan.