Model Answer

The town currently consists of the main road which is flanked by countryside to the north and a residential area to the south. There are shops along the main street, on both sides, which runs through the center of the town. There is also a school on the west side and a park on the east side of the town, between which is the main residential area of the town.

The proposed plans for development would transform the town and result in a ring road bypassing the center of the town, which will become a pedestrian zone. The plans also include a reduction in the size of the park compared to previously, the addition of a bus station, shopping center and car park on the north side of the pedestrian zone, replacing the existing shops in that area. Two new residential areas will also be developed, one on the north side of the pedestrian zone and the other on the east side of the park.

Overall, apart from the addition of new amenities such as the bus station and shopping center, the principal result of the development would be the augmentation of housing provision for the town.