Model Answer

The presented diagram illustrates percentages of owned and rented English and Welsh accomodation from 1918 to 2011. Overall, owning and renting showed opposite trends with a sharp increase in ownership and a reciprocal decline in the percentage of renters. By the end of the period, overall ownership had overtaken renting by a wide margin.

In 1918, household ownership stood at around 23% compared to rentals, which were at nearly 80%. From that point there was a steady rise in ownership and decline in rentals. Rentals reached 69% in 1939 and held steady until 1953 before falling to 59% in 1961. Ownership rose to 31% in 1939, remained there in 1953 before becoming even with rentals at 50% each in 1971.

This trend continued for both percentages with rentals declining sharply to 40% and 31% in 1981 and 1991, respectively. Likewise, ownership rose to 60% and 69% in the same years. In 2001, the falling rate of rentals slackened to 31% (69% for ownership) and there was a small rebound that bucked the trend at the end of period with rented houses rising to nearly 40% and owned houses dipping to just over 60%.