Model Answer

The graph shows how much sodium, saturated fat and added sugars were consumed in the average meal in the United States. Looking from an overall perspective, it is readily apparent that the majority of sodium and fat were consumed at dinner, while most sugar was eaten in snacks. Lunch also tended to be salty and have a lot of fat while breakfast had the lowest percentages for all three nutrients.

Dinner and lunch had roughly similar, large proportions for both sodium (43% for dinner and 29% for lunch) and saturated fat (37% for dinner and 26% for lunch). The amount of sugar in an average meal for dinner and lunch was much lower at 23% and 19%, respectively.

Turning to breakfast and snacks, which also had comparable percentages, they were both made up of 14% sodium. For saturated fats, snacks contained 21% and breakfast was slightly lower at 16%. In terms of sugar, there was the greatest disparity with 42% of snacks being sugary and just 16% of breakfasts being made up of sugar.