Model Answer

The maps detail the changes since 1920 to today of Grand Park. Looking from an overall perspective, it is readily apparent that the park added and expanded areas mainly related to entertainment including a larger stage and various areas for recreation. There was also significant relocation in terms of seating and the only areas that remained the same were the entrances and one minor garden.

The most striking change is in the center of the park where the fountain has been removed in favour of a rose garden with full seating around it. To the left of the new garden, the previous stage for musicians has been turned into a much larger ampitheatre facing the opposite direction that will allow for concerts in the park. This change has necessitated the removal of both seating on the far left side as well as the rose garden in the bottom left corner of the map.

The entrances at the top and bottom in the middle have remained unchanged but on the right side a cafe has replaced the rose garden and where there was a pond for water plants in the top right corner, there is now a children’s play area. Instead of the pond, a water feature has been built occupying the bottom right corner (replacing a glasshouse and some seats). Finally, leading to the water park is a new entrance for an underground car park.